What’s in a name anyhow? If your parents name you Trixy are you destined to be a voluptuous vixen? Are all Chets pretension buffoons? What happens when your name carries such incredible legacy that you cannot possibly live up to it. Welcome to my world. 

Many people say their grandma or nana or meemaw is the best, but they are all wrong. Everyone who met Grandma Rosie loved her instantly. How could they not? She was ridiculously adorable. Come on! She was 4’11 on a good day with the sweetest Sicilian accent you have ever heard. She mixed up a mean batch of mostaccioli and meatballs— the gravy made from tomatoes straight from her garden. She crocheted gazillions of baby blankets mostly for people she had never even met. She loved everyone— even the ones who did not deserve her kindness. She radiated sunshine everywhere she went. And if you were having one of those days, she would hold your hand and tell you to be strong. What I wouldn’t give to talk to her today.

She was my everything- my north store- my moral compass for all that was right in this world. She was wise and brave and stronger than anyone I have ever known. I’ve gone through my life wishing I could be half the person she was. More than anything I wish you could have known her, too.