A few weeks ago, the 52Frames challenge was “Break the rules.” I think the overall spirit of the theme was to break a compositional rule. However, I felt that I was not master enough in the different rules to intentionally break one, so I took a different spin. I broke a rule that all people who live in the Chicago-land area know— I ate a hot dog with ketchup only. The comments on my photo have been amusing. A fellow Framer from Norway responded that ketchup sounded good, but in Norway it is common to have a prawn salad on their hot dog (I’m trying to be open minded, but that sounds awful!). Most of the others were adamant in their thought that I should eat my hot dog any damned way I want to. 

Have you ever seen the movie Office Space? At the beginning, the character Michael Bolton is sitting in traffic listening to gangster rap with his windows rolled down. As soon as he thinks someone might hear his music, he scrambles to roll up his windows—secret saved. That’s how I feel any time I order a hot dog. I know it’s totally ridiculous, but there is so much smack talk about how heinous it is to sully a hot dog with such a vile condiment that I am embarrassed to admit it’s the only way I will ever eat one.

My husband and I have been talking a lot about the idea of “this is how we roll”—the creative ways that we live our life. We grind our own meat *thank you COVID). When I make lasagna, it’s a multi-day event. Our two cars are a combined 31 years old. We don’t pay for things that are commonplace for many people (cleaning service, streaming services, home repairs, car repairs and so many more). We hardly ever order out from restaurants any more (thanks COVID). We try more new recipes than I could possibly list off. We never check luggage when we travel. We only travel for experiences not to see things. The list goes on and on. While we have friends who live a much more creative and off the beaten path life than we do, we have chosen to live as creatively as we can within the constructs of our jobs/careers, Jumbo hot dogs ketchup only are a part of how we roll for sure. This 52 Frames challenge was definitely a good reminder to live the life we want to live. 

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