My love for chocolate teeters on a fine line between addiction and intense passion. There are only three types of chocolate in this world, but there are thousands of things one can create with this magical ingredient. Chocolate milk. Truffles. Hot cocoa. Hot chocolate. Chocolate martinis. Creme de cacao. Chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate ice cream. Mexican hot chocolate. Chocolate ravioli. Chocolate waffles. Chocolate zucchini bread. Chocolate chip pancakes. S’mores. French silk pie. Chocolate crepes. Chocolate cherry cheesecake. Chocolate covered cherry cookies. Chocolate milk shake. Chocolate malt. Chocolate meringues. Peppermint bark. Fondue. Chocolate donuts. Frozen hot chocolate. The combinations are endless— cakes, brownies, cookies, tarts, pies, bars, ice cream, drinks both hot and cold, sweet, savory and so much more. Whatever the situation— celebration or crisis- there is always the perfect pairing of chocolate.

— A girlfriend is going through a rough break-up: chocolate martini.

—Your sister’s dog died: chewy dark chocolate chip cookies with a side of dark chocolate ice cream with hot fudge sauce. He was a great dog!

— Your partner’s boss is coming to dinner: dark chocolate mousse.

—Campfire with the neighbors: S’mores with homemade marshmallows dipped in dark chocolate.

—Anxiety about how messed up the world is: dark chocolate chips straight out of the bag.

Want to learn more about how chocolate is the answer to all your problems? Check out my podcast The Cheeky Chocolatier.