I suppose I am an anomaly. I love the idea of a deserted island. I’m not much of a people person, so my heart skips a beat when I get some much needed alone time. 

I’d bring a stack of my favorite books— stories about tenacity and grit and overcoming adversity…along with a few volumes of poetry and a children’s book all wrapped up in my blanket that I affectionately call “Grammy.”  I’d love to say that I would throw all those items on my Kindle and bring along a solar powered battery charger, but that seems to be missing the point of going off grid. 

It would be my dream to live somewhere I didn’t have to wear shoes, but I am pretty anti garlic and onion pits, so having water nearby would be awesome. I suppose I am most nervous about the idea of figuring out food options. I am terrified of snakes and the thought of having to eat bugs is almost worse than having to make small talk at a work party. I am resourceful though. I’ll figure it out. 

As an artist, I am intrigued and inspired by the idea of creating art from the supplies provided by the environment. My brain feels electrified by the possibilities. With no one there to judge or enjoy my work, it will be amazing to have the time to focus on the practice. No deadlines. No demands. No filters. This sounds like heaven!

Despite not being a people person, I do love pets. It would not take me long to befriend some local create— definitely not a volleyball named Wilson, but something fuzzy and adorable. 

Perhaps I have watched a few too many episodes of Macgyver, but I feel confident that necessity is the mother of invention. I will fashion the tools that I need out of what is available. Sure a Swiss Army knife would be a helpful place to start, but I’ll leave my toolkit at home. 

I don’t hate people…it’s not like that at all. I just don’t like relying on them.