Today we honor one of our very own hometown heros- Halbart Harrisonn— a 42-veteran of the all volunteer Rescue Squad, which serves the role of fire, police and EMT. 

Halbart was walking home after his weekly visit to Ivy’s Place for Taco Tuesday. He was laughing to himself as he recalled a joke Ivy told him about a duck walking into a store. The quiet was shattered when he heard the bloodcurdling scream of his neighbor’s son. Without hesitation he bolted down the street as fast as his taco laden belly would let him. He found Otis huddled at the base of a giant oak tree— in tears. He thrust his finger in the direction of one of the highest branches, where his bearded dragon Rocky was precariously perched. Otis had opened the door to pay the pizza man and Rocky slid past him. As soon as he was outside he panicked and climbed up the nearest tree.

Halbart raced into his garage and grabbed his headlamp and climbing shoes. There was no time for ropes and harnesses. As he wiggled his way up the trunk, Halbart chatted with Rocky— meaningless babble for the lizard, but his voice was soothing and calm and trustworthy. As Halbart was about to slide onto the branch next to Rocky, his foot slipped and he fell banging his head against a branch. He was saved by his own cape when it snagged on a branch on the way down. He was shaking leaves from his clothes when he felt something scurry onto his shoulder. A quick glance and he saw Rocky nuzzled up in the crook of his neck. Halbart let out a huge sigh of relief and wiggled his way back down the tree. When his feet were firmly on the ground, he squatted down and let Otis bring Rocky back into the house. 

As is the case with most heroes, Halbart says he did what anyone else would have done.