When I was a kid— probably in third grade, I had to give a report on my favorite holiday. Everyone chose Christmas because of the presents or Thanksgiving because of the food and football. Some kids loved New Year’s Eve because they could stay up late. A few kids tried to convince the teacher that their birthday was the best holiday EVER! My holiday was unconventional, but my family has been celebrating  National Dessert Day every October 14th since before I was born. No cards…no gifts…no parades…just a day when we thank the Greeks for bringing us cheesecake and making dessert history. 

It has been years since I lived at home, but every year I set my alarm for stupid early so that I can head over by mama and hang out for a bit before work. This year, I wandered into her kitchen at 6:15 and found her elbow deep in flour. The chocolate croissants were in the oven and she was already mixing up rum balls in one bowl and cream puffs in another. I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat across from her at the counter. She was completely in her element. She had three different timers going and I have no idea how she kept them all sorted, but the giant grin on her face reminded me that it did not matter.

After a few minutes, she poured herself her third cup of coffee and sat down with me. We toasted the Greeks and bit into our still warm chocolate croissants. What kid wouldn’t want a mama who honored the sacred sweet treat above all other food? Even after all these years, I treasured this day more than any other. I promised mama that I would pop over for lunch. Afterall, that is when things really start to get interesting. Truffles. Dark chocolate torts. Fruit laden pastries. Cookies. Whoopie pies and so much more. She kissed my forehead and started on the next recipe.

I headed off to work with a huge grin on my face. There was a bit of extra pep in my step. People noticed my t-shirt— the one I wear every October 14th and they smiled. 

I smiled back and wished them a Happy National Dessert Day. 

Life is short. Eat dessert first!