My parents were accustomed to my tinkering…always building something…finding connections…solving problems. I’ve always been fascinated with figuring out different ways to get around. My dream job was to be chief of the transportation hub. 

Mom and Dad still tease me about the time I snagged one of the solar panels off our roof and rigged it up to my scooter. It was a bit cumbersome, but I was eight. Then there were the PTDs (personal teleportation devices). I have countless mock-ups, but I’m not quite there yet. Some day!

By the time I was twelve mom knew better than to try and stop me when I got an idea into my head. I was so sure that I had the perfect design for jet pack shoes— an elegant design with an unusual fuel source. Well as it turns out a can of my own flatulence was just too much methane. The Doc says that I am lucky to have only lost my sight. 

Of course it’s harder not being able to see— traditionally, but the VR system I have rigged up to my head makes a lot possible.