This is what happens when you want to add a picture of SpaceBird clicking its heals, but you have no idea how to make that happen. The process was too fun not to share!

It’s day one of a five day weekend and my brain decided that 4:45 AM was the time it wanted to activate. So I was sitting in bed poking around on Pinterest when it hit me like a ton of bricks…I have been pinning hundreds of ideas to my Creativity board, but I am not doing anything with them. What the heck! My board is filled with awesome content–inspirational quotes, challenges and exercises and much more, but unless you follow me there, no one is getting anything out of those resources. Heck I am not even looking back at them. That eye-opening realization ripped me out of bed and brought me into The Oodlearium. When I decided to start this blog I had so many ideas of regular features and articles and content that I was going to have perfectly organized into this beautiful and simple package. Then I had to return to work…to my actual classroom…in the middle of a pandemic and well that put a small kink in my plan. 

Cases of Corona have been out of control in our area the last few weeks, which means I have been working from home (insert grateful happy dance). This week I had to drive in to school to drop something off, which meant I was going to spend two hours in my car…perfect opportunity to check out a new podcast. Beautiful Anonymous showed up on a list of recommended podcasts a few weeks ago and I downloaded an episode on new year’s resolutions. Chris’ conversations with the callers got me thinking about The Oodlearium and my blog and where I wanted THIS to go. And a few things came out of that rabbit hole.

  1. I am going to do a weekly recap of ‘What’s happening in the Oodlearium?’ I am finding that I am terrible at social media and making all the different pieces fit together into a cohesive package of content. I am going to take my different posts from different platforms and put them into a weekly recap of sorts. Format to be determined!
  2. With all of my heart and soul I want to do a podcast. There I put it in writing! I have a million different thoughts about this and I feel like I keep using COVID19 as an excuse not to start. Enough! Between now and January 1st I will have a plan to move forward. I am SO excited! Stay tuned for more information.

There is something empowering about taking ideas out of your brain and putting them into written words. I am overwhelmed with excitement about the future and cannot wait to see what it brings. I am sure it will be vastly different from what is in my head, but I am confident it will be beautiful. Tune in tomorrow for what has been happening in the Oodlearium this week.

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