How important is education to your creative process?

A willingness and desire to learn IS crucial to the creative process. This has been true in all aspects of my creativity journey. Most weeks I decide to learn something new in order to complete my 52 Frames submission. In most cases I could just click something that fits the theme and move on with my week. However, what is the point of that? I started this project to help my photography grow. In the 2.5 years since I started, I have made photos I never would have dreamt of because of my willingness to learn and try new things.

When I started crocheting, I made baby blankets and that was it. One day my husband asked me to make us hats for Christmas. My desire to learn and try something new has opened up many doors for me. Now I am learning to make dresses for my baby niece. 

For a long time when I started doodling, I had a small set of “birds” that I would draw. After I made my wood blocks for the Oddball Art Machine it would have been easy for me to just continue drawing those same designs. But I wanted to expand and learn more. I started drawing fish and robots and now my space birds. 

I never was interested in painting, but recently I decided to give paint pouring a try.

Does it matter if I choose to continue doing what I always did? Absolutely not. After all it’s my life and I can choose to live in whichever box I want. But, I can say for sure that my willingness to branch out and learn new things has made my creative life much richer and much more fun and rewarding.

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