What do you do on a normal day that contributes to your creative work?

During a normal non-COVID19 school year, I have little time during the week to work on creative projects. However, I always have my 52 Frames project going on in the background. I try to schedule a few hours every Saturday to work on my image. Early in the week, I look over the challenge and read the tutorials. I then let the theme percolate in my brain during the week. Even if nothing comes up, I am training my brain to look for ideas. My life as a teacher is one big creative exercise. I am constantly solving problems and figuring out how to make different things work in less than ideal circumstances. If you look at your challenges as opportunities to practice your creativity it might make it easier (as my neighbor says) to embrace the suck. No guarantees. I am just thinking of this idea as I type and I know that I will have A LOT of opportunities to try that idea out this fall.

Covid19 Nerdy Bird and Fuzzer bringing smiles to people during a really stressful time.
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