Do you use creativity to escape?

Absolutely! My creative endeavors are fun for me. At one point in time I decided I needed financial validation of my artistic/creative worth, so I started doing portraits for friends and family. I charged reasonable rates and in some cases I even volunteered my time/talents. After a few years I grew to dread doing the sessions. I had been taken advantage of more times that I want to admit. Saying no to certain people was complicated and stressful. Eventually I made a blanket decision to stop doing portraits all together and only focus on doing things for myself. 

When I started 52 Frames that was my best opportunity to practice photography just for myself. During the school year, I gave myself an hour to an hour and a half each week to plan, execute, edit and submit my image. Some weeks it was the only time I had all week to explore my creativity. No matter what it was time that I carved out of my week to escape from all the drama of the real world.

During my summers off, I have much more free time to explore any creative whimsy I dream up. If I want to spend six hours making a custom explosion card for my nephew’s birthday I can do so. It is much more difficult to lose myself in a project when school is in session. Therefore most of my other creative pursuits are a bit more practical. I needed some vases for my shelves, so I repurposed some vases with copper spray paint. It’s freezing cold outside, so I crochet a set of hats and scarves to donate to the homeless in our community.

I’m looking forward to retirement when I can lose myself in projects for days as a time!

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