Is there anything special that you do to get into a creative mindset?

I take issue with the idea that someone gets into a creative mindset. For me, I am always living my life with a creative mindset. I don’t turn it on and off– hoping I can tap into it when I need it for a project. If you read my post on how to cultivate a creative mindset, you can see the tips I give are things that people need to do as a part of everyday life. It’s not a prescription or a recipe, it’s just a list of things that I have done regularly throughout my life and I have found to help. That being said, the more I create the more the ideas flow. Ever since we began work on the physical Oodlearium space, I have felt a constant creative flow. I am trying new recipes, experimenting with new materials, learning how to use new tools and much more. It has been an incredible feeling.

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